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A pre-purchase survey is an inspection of the vessel, including all systems, both in and out of the water. The purpose of this survey is to provide the buyer with information on any possible repairs that will be needed or any missing equipment on the vessel prior to its purchase. Anderson Marine Surveying completes our surveys to ABYC standards. Pre-purchase surveys include a report of all findings within 72 hours of the survey completion. This report will include the condition of vessel, list of any deficiencies and a fair market evaluation. If you are looking to finance or insure a vessel, many lenders require both a condition and value survey, which is encompassed within the pre-purchase survey, that is completed by a professional marine surveyor, such as Anderson Marine Surveying.


This survey is meant to provide a fair market value of the vessel of interest. This survey does not include a full report of condition and systems but will provide you a fair market valuation within 72 hours of survey completion.

Insurance Renewal

Also known as a Marine Adjusters Risk Assessments Survey, an insurance renewal survey provides an inspection and report to satisfy the requirements of the insurance company to renew an insurance policy. All insurance companies differ in requirements so it is important to determine from your insurance company what type of inspection will satisfy their requirements. This survey will also include the condition of vessel, list of any deficiencies and a fair market evaluation. Our surveys do not guarantee acceptance of the vessel by lenders or insurance companies.


A damage survey can be requested by an insurance company to determine the extent of damage to a vessel after a claim has been submitted to an insurance company. It can also be competed to protect the interest of the vessel owner in dealing with a damage claim. This type of claim is also referred to as an Insurance Claim Survey.